Chief of Learning

Telecommute · United Kingdom


To provide vision, strategy, leadership and delivery of the education mission of the Foundation, widening participation in digital creativity and removing barriers to entry. As an organisation we want to ensure the best quality of instruction and student learning. Thus, this role will lead on the development of instructional & curricular resources, training and certification of teachers, and developing programmes to support a community of teachers and ambassadors.

Education is at the heart of what we do and fundamental to achieving our mission “To inspire every child to create their best digital future.”





We are a UK-based not-for-profit organisation with the global vision of helping every child to be an inventor. We are enabling children around the world to get creative with technology and invent in school, in clubs and at home! Our first year has shown that the BBC micro:bit encourage a higher percentage of girls to learn about technology. Our mission in The Foundation is to take the hardware, and the magical end-to-end experience provided by the online micro:bit editors, and make it available around the rest of the world.

We are part of a diverse, global micro:bit community of young people, teachers, and parent’s who value effective collaboration. We are committed to understanding and defining the technology education sector in order to present micro:bit users with a stable, tested release of all the things you need to make the unique and productive ‘end-to-end’ micro:bit experience.

One of the greatest benefits of working at micro:bit is knowing that the work you're doing is contributing to something positive, constructive and with beneficial social outcomes. All micro:bit Foundation employees may optionally use one (paid!) day per week to go and run activities with micro:bits in schools, clubs and tech camps, or to use micro:bit for outreach projects, demos, and examples. It's not unusual for our staff to travel around the UK or the world to make this happen.

We’re a small organisation with a large audience and reach. We thrive on creative problem solving and are open to new ideas and solutions. This gives each individual the chance to have enormous impact, as well as ensuring that your days will be diverse and the challenges complex.

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